Master Mistress

October 26, 2006

Chatskin clothing … (not finished yet)

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It’s a catch 22

She’s been talking to this guy online for several months now

Met in Neopets

There’s never been talk of sex – actually an abhorrence of it

He’s 19 and turned 20

She’s 14 almost 15

She’s matured and has an even more keen sense of justice than ever

She’s ditched her friends who are experimenting with alcohol, drugs, Goth, sex and sneaking out at night

She’s always had a better judge of character than me

I trust her

He keeps her on the straight and narrow

Tells her off when she steps out of line

She hangs off everything he says and uses him frequently in conversation like they are a regular couple

I’ve even talked to him online

When I use my laptop and MSN starts up with her identity he often thinks I am her and begins talking

I say it’s me but he knows I’m an artist, he loves art, Leonardo is his hero and Wolfgang Mozart is simply the best composer that ever lived

He chats away to me but I can ill afford the time

I tell him I will add his identity to my MSN file so that he can tell when it is her or I online

He tells my daughter he thinks this is odd but loves it that I care about her

She trusts him

She trusts me

She tells me everything

I listen as every mother should and sometimes I slip in my concerns in a non-judgmental kind of way

She knows what she is doing

I keep a diary of what I hear

She’s drawn into his sense of character shaped by his extraordinary life

He was born to poverty and adopted out heartbreakingly as a child

Somehow he ended up being sold as a slave in another country

He was saved and released into foster care until his parents were found

He had many foster parents and he was physically abused

The last one was a single parent with a young baby girl when he was 15

The mother died and left him with the custody of her baby

He was then found by his parents his father now a multi-billionaire diamond mine owner in
South Africa

He also has an older brother – a model who is gay and a younger brother who is 13 or 14

He says his adorable mother is quite eccentric

He lives with his five year old ‘daughter’, her tutor, a chef, a housekeeper and his brothers in a French castle

He studies chemistry and physics at the Sorbonne

He works part time there also, administering entrance exams

He is an avid astronomer but the actual pinpoint of what he does is unclear

Sometimes he goes away for work/study or whatever for 2 weeks to three months to the States where he watches test tubes in a lab or examines auroras

He is a plethora of knowledge on all things sky

He owns several houses in different country’s

He speaks several languages fluently

He jokes about the chef getting up in the night to make him food while he works and the housekeeper shrinking his favourite jersey

He doesn’t sleep much and is often online at all hours of the day

I ask what he does with his daughter

She replied the brothers and housekeep all take care of her

But he reads her books in bed

She is a gifted child who can read and write

He owns a Lamborghini – yellow – with his name on the number plate – I saw it

He hates how he looks and says he is so shy he has never had a girlfriend

He is a virgin and is waiting for the perfect one

She must be a virgin too

He sings opera and performs in theatre – I heard several of the professional recorded tracks

His voice has a quality and maturity of a singer twice his age

He says he models and his brother took his picture for the one shot I saw of him

It centres a shrine – almost blown out of proportion on my daughters wall

It’s black and white – so I can’t tell that his hair is supposed to be red and his eyes are green

He has an earring and a haircut that raises my gaydar

He jokes about his sexuality not being proven one way or the other

He looks slightly Asian

He sent another girl online that has befriended my daughter, several pictures of an Asian popstar after she pestered him for photos

She was annoyed he never told her he was a popstar

He told my daughter it was some Asian popstar and he did it just to keep her happy

She was jealous of the friendship he had with my daughter and doesn’t write to him anymore telling her that he was a sicko

My daughters introduces her friends online to her love

Behind her back they act like teenagers do when chatting with him

They tell him he is a fucking 40 year old pedophile and to piss off

He has an argument with her and tells her to ditch her immature friends

He doesn’t talk to her for a week

She is beside herself with grief

I see the physical pain in her body and her crushed confidence

She feels she has lost his trust and he will think she is a little silly girl

She is the only one he has trusted in a long time

For the first time in ages she accepts several long couch-sitting hugs from me

I listen for hours lapping up the connection

She refuses to talk to her friends for a week

They are in the freezer

Being the peacemaker she is, all is ironed out

She got him talking and says to block her friends

He says she should block them too

Slowly her friends regain her trust

She works extra hard at pleasing him and not saying the wrong thing

She doesn’t tell him that she is talking to her friends again

I say any man who isolates you from your friends should be avoided

She says I or noone else knows him like she does

He tells her heartfelt things about himself that he tells noone else

But she tells me

She says other people think he is an arse the way he comes across, all arrogant and righteous

She ways that he seems like that until you get to know him

She is not afraid to stick up for herself and put up a good argument and he respects that

She has an excuse for his every shortcoming

I know I need to intervene in some way

I tell her teacher who is my friend

I’m caught between the maturity she’s developed over and above her peers

She is a dream teenager if there is such a thing

We have a fantastically honest relationship as long as it doesn’t mention pedophiliac friends

But she is confined to a computer in her room listening to music and chatting to people she doesn’t know

Today she says she talks online to his five year old daughter along with other friends he has entrusted her to talk to in his circle

It sounds like she has an extraordinary vocabulary for someone so young and not a native English speaker, gifted or not

I know she saves her chatlogs

I feel the anxiety rise as I wait for her to go out

I tell her I need to do maintenance on her computer, do a scandisk, tidy up, defrag and update the antivirus etc

I’m lying to my child

I feel my tongue devoid of saliva

My pulse racing like my first onstage performance at primary school

She says she needs to have a shower, I can to the maintenance then

She unhesitatingly gives me her password

Of course it is her cats name

I know I have a good fifteen minutes

I know her routine well

My fingers are trembling on the keyboard

I can’t make them go fast enough

Seems like they are in a pressure cooker about to burst

I have the urge to move my bowels but there is no time

I find the chat logs but there is no time to read them

I find several emails from him mostly when he was in the states

I try to email it all to me from her Hotmail but it is freezing

Only the emails from him will go, not the chat logs

I run from one end of the house to the other to find a blank CD

She hears me running and turns off the shower

Do you want me she calls

My heart leaps

No it’s ok, I just tripped in the hall, as you were love

I manage to write everything to the CD

The shower turns off again

I have at least 2 minutes

The CD tray jams and I hear the bathroom door open prematurely

I scuffle to open maintenance windows and appear normal

I pick up a Readers Digest off her computer table and start reading

I start with an impromptu speech about large microscopic images of things that cause allergies and wow isn’t it amazing

The CD tray opens as she walks in the room

What’s that she says

I was listening to music

You could have listened to some of mine on the computer

Listen to your music, I scoff and recover, no thanks

I take my CD

Is the computer ok

No, it’s going to take a few hours yet so it might be best to just leave it going


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