Master Mistress

October 26, 2006

I need to be getting up …

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… it’s that quiet time between everyone else being awake knowing I’m responsible for it but wanting to enjoy it while I can and how long can I get away with it for the feather duvet still has my body heat and the pillow a warm indent that partially covers my eyes actually I should have gotten up earlier and I wouldn’t be so tired now It’s still there a piece of sand or something in the bed more likely a piece of weta I saw the kitten chewing up in the bedroom last night I’ve also needed to go to the toilet for some hours but I’ve spent a lifetime perfecting the art of holding on it’s cold out of bed and I’m wearing nothing and there is nothing in reach to put on either just the thought of it is making goose bumps appear don’t want to drag the duvet to the toilet otherwise it might dip in like last time I have to think of the best plan of attack with the least stress toilet first? Dress first? Shower first? .. no clean towels but I am hungry I should have done some washing last night and hung it up in the lounge to dry maybe I’ll put my clothes on from last night and they will be in reverse order from the bed to the door it might work at least long enough to go to the toilet have something to eat and find the least dirty towel in the pile mmm I think the undies are the last pair I’ll see if they can last another day … what have I got to do? no I don’t have to see anyone until after lunch so if I put on a load of washing I can have it out and dry and folded by then for a clean outfit but it will be no point having a shower until then having to put dirty clothes back on just to get warm would be nice have I got enough food in the cupboard for school lunches? the bread might just be unstale enough to be palatable I go to the trouble and it all comes home half or uneaten anyway sometimes I wonder why I bother it’s the fear of having kids notice they aren’t eating and go home and tell their parents and they think yeah the solo parent kids mother doesn’t feed her child sometimes she tells the teachers she doesn’t have lunch if she doesn’t like what she has and so they must think that either way I’m screwed a token lunch will do there’s some wilting apples in the fridge bin and some cheese tomorrow I will just have to take her some hot baked beans with cheese and Worcestershire sauce for lunch she likes that we call them gourmet baked beans and with a bit of sugar they are nice I think that way we can hold out until pay day at least we have milk in the fridge with milk eggs and flour you can do anything including adding ten inches to your hips in a year if you try the kids are always amazed that I can make something out of nothing but are annoyed that food isn’t available immediately and I say this house is not a macdonalds takeaway you know real life takes preparation and you can’t just wait around until someone else does something for you or you won’t have friends or spouses for very long I think I can hear her stirring and the whirr of the heater she always tries to tell me that she doesn’t use it in the mornings and turns it off when I go in and tries to make me believe I am going crazy to even think that she will use it I will give her five minutes but at least she is up she’s calling out now I have to get up no chance for a plan now just have to bumble through it ok I’m up.


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