Master Mistress

January 18, 2007


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Do you ever wonder how you remember the things that you do or where they are stored in the brain? Or even how they all come together? Think of your brain or memory as the world wide web. Every word or experience is a web page that has a link back to itself that you use to give a sense of what you are talking or thinking about at any given moment in time. Each page stores information and images on what we associate with that word, smell, feeling indeed all body experience through the senses, and in turn each of those words links to another page and so on.

It’s a language coined as Mentalese, the language that we think in which is overlapping and complicated and on the whole quite fragmented. It’s accessed at lightning speed, even faster than the internet. It’s easy to see then how memory might be impaired or how illness can affect the way we think and feel, not unlike how a virus effects our computers hard drive. It’s a delicate and extremely powerful tool the brain – treat it wisely.


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