Master Mistress

January 18, 2007

Words and memories

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What do I do with all the useless information of my head? Moments of brilliance and dullness flashing and gone before it comes to anything. Who would really care? Often we tell people or our own minds to shut up before they or we can stick it through. Less is more. Loose lips sink ships. You can tell a fool from the moment he opens his mouth. Keep it brief. Keep it simple. Get to the point. Sharp and snappy. The longer your mouth stays open the more likely you are to get a foot stuck in it. I just heard the other day, a closed mouth gathers no feet. Verbal diarrhea. Who the hell cares? All trying to be more succinct and to the point as life gets faster and seemingly shorter, gadgets created to make life easier leave us with more time to think in between rather than for mere survival. Where do all the bodies go when there is no more ground to bury them? Where do all the souls go when they no longer need the body? Where does all the rubbish go when there is no more place to put it? What happens to all the germs that get flushed down the sink when you do your washing? Where do all the thoughts go when someone dies? Where do all the thoughts go when you aren’t allowed to say them? Where does all the weight go when someone looses it? What happens to the fear when I hear that when the trees are gone we or our ancestors will all die. Could we store all that energy and create fuel with it?

Shut up. Keep a lid on it. Keep your mouth shut. If it doesn’t come out your mouth, where does it go? Will I remember it if it is still in there somewhere? How much compacting goes on and how much turfing out? Excess baggage.

I see the supermarket docket blowing down the road. It might tell me all about the person that bought the products on it, who they bought it for, how many, and what they are going to get up to. Would it get them in trouble if someone read it? Whoops. It’s gone  who cares?

If you can’t see it, or noone saw it  does it still exist? Chocolate eaten in the dark has no calories.

Can I go to the doctor or brain surgeon and s/he takes a look inside a re-sealable zip pouch on my head and says ‘what will it be today, ma’am?’ and I say, ‘I’d like you to erase such and such a year and months of this year, but keep this day and that weekend, thankyou very much as I’m going on holiday to France, and I’d like some more memory.’ And s/he says ‘Are you sure? That night there and the late breakfast looks pretty good, how about I keep that but take out the nasty comments about your arse by your boyfriend?’ ‘Yes, I forgot about that … yes please … and those comments, don’t want those coming back to haunt me at some stage.’ And s/he reseals it and says ‘that’ll be $200 bucks and I’ve kept your sex centre near the exercise bit so that when you exercise you’ll be able to have multiple orgasms, thus increasing your resolve to exercise and you’ll be less prone to getting arse comments. No extra charge for that today.’

‘What arse comments?’ I say non-plussed.


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